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Denouement at Doklam: India must take long-term measures

Date: 30 August, 2017

By Admiral Arun Prakash ( Retd) , Distinguished Fellow, DPG Accustomed as we are to shrill hyperbole in India's public discourse, the description of the tense Himalayan face-off as the "incident at Doklam" and its denouement as "expeditious …


RIS-AIC Seminar on India-Japan CEPA

Date: 15 November, 2016

RIS-AIC Seminar on India-Japan CEPA October 6, 2016 Remarks by Ambassador H.K. Singh Director General, DPG


Balancing Asia: Russia's "Asian Pivot" and India's "Act East"

Date: 07 November, 2016

Balancing Asia: Russia’s “Asian Pivot” and India’s “Act East” Address by Ambassador H.K. Singh, Director General, DPG September 23, 2016 Meeting of Heads of Think Tanks of India and Russia Moscow September 22-23, …


Pakistan is rattled, and that's evidence of India's surgical strike

Date: 05 October, 2016

Questions are being raised on both the veracity and efficacy of India's cross-Line of Control (LoC), surgical strikes undertaken by Indian Special Forces (SF) on the night of September 28-29. The para forces struck at seven or eight terrorist …


Look before you escalate

Date: 26 September, 2016

"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!" exclaims Mark Antony at the funeral of Julius Caesar in an attempt to rouse feelings against the assassins and incite violence across Italy. While anguish over the loss of 18 jawans killed in the Uri terror …


Living in a Glass House

Date: 05 August, 2016
By K. Shankar Bajpai

De Tocqueville foresaw the problem with conducting foreign affairs early: “A democracy can only with difficulty regulate the details of an important undertaking, persevere in a fixed design, work it out despite serious obstacles. It cannot …